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Beautiful Creatures by Kami GarciaBeautiful Creatures

You may have seen the movie version of this in the theatres, you may not.  Either way, you should pick up this book – the first in a four book series.

Ethan Wate is a high school student living in the small Southern town of Gatlin.  He’s lived here his whole life and he’s bored to death.  He can’t wait to graduate and leave as quickly as possible.  That’s until he meets Lena Duchannes, the new girl in his school who is completely different from anyone he’s met in Gaitlin.  Not only does she dress and act differently from the other girls in town, she also has an odd connection with Ethan.  He’s been dreaming about her since before he set eyes on her and soon after they meet he discovers that they can communicate by thought.

What are the special powers that Lena seems to possess?  What is the mysterious family curse that she seems obsessed with?  What’s the deal with her uncle who only appears at night and never ventures into town?

You’ll be hooked from the first chapter.

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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

17-year-old art student Karou is seemingly living an idyllic life in
the breathtakingly beautiful Prague.  But her life is much more than meets the eye; she has a job that her art student friends couldn’t begin to imagine.  Karou travels the globe collecting teeth for a monster with ties to another world.  In exchange for these teeth, she is given wishes.  But Karou would continue to do this job even without payment.  The monster, or chimera, sending her on these assignments is as close to a parent as Karou has ever known.  As the story moves along, Karou encounters an angel and begins to develop feelings for him.  Angels are the mortal enemies of chimera and before she knows it Karou is swept into the ancient and deadly rivalry between angels and devils. This is the first in what is sure to be an outstanding trilogy!

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The Gathering (book review)

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The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong The Gathering

Sixteen-year-old Maya is just an ordinary teen in an ordinary town. She lives with her adopted parents in a tiny isolated medical-research community on Vancouver Island. The only link she has to her past and her background is the odd paw-print birthmark on her hip. Other than that she has no information on her birthparents and her past. One day things begin to change.

Strange things begin to happen in her claustrophobic town. Unexplained deaths have happened. Mountain lions have been approaching Maya. Maya’s best friend seems to have a hidden talent of feeling people and situations out. She also is starting to be attracted to the new bad boy in town. Maya has also learned some new information and a mystery dealing with her biological parents.  Finally strange people have been sneaking around town.  What kinds of skeletons are hidden in the town’s closet?

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Wings (book review)

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Wings by Aprilynne Pikewings

…is about tenth grader Laurel, a girl made unusual by her dislike of most colorful foods and beverages, her fair skin that allows sunlight to shine through, and now, to her horror, the bump on her back that soon blooms into a flower with foot-long petals.  She’s sure that her parents don’t have any of these unusual features and spends most of her time hiding them from the world.

Enter Tamini, a really handsome guy that she meets out in the woods.  He starts trying to convince Laurel that she is a faerie and that faeries resemble plants more closely than humans.  He tells her that her parents aren’t her biological parents and that the land that her family owns houses a portal

to the faerie world.  And right now that that portal is being threatened by a band of evil trolls.

Although Laurel is very attracted to Tamini, she knows that believing him means that the world as she’s known it will be turned upside-down and the relationship she’s just started with her crush David will be at risk.  Will she join in the fight for the world of faeries—a world that she belongs
This is the fast-paced start to a four book series. to but has never known?

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Flash Burnout (book review)

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Flash Burnout by L.K. MadiganFlash Burnout

Blake’s dad is a medical examiner who absent mindedly leaves autopsy photos and tools on the family’s breakfast table.  His mom is a hospital chaplain fond of saying “Actions have consequences.”  Older brother Garrett enjoys helping with his dad’s work at the morgue and giving ninth grade Blake a brotherly hard time.  Enter Blake – amateur photographer, deeply in love with his girlfriend Shannon, and, deeply involved in the fractured family life of his friend, who is a girl, Marissa. 

 Social expectations clash with friendships and realities. Choices made amidst the swirl of ninth grade friendships, love, sex, school, risk taking and family relationships, lead to conflicts and heartaches.  Ultimately his mother’s words ring true as Blake comes to personally understand that ‘his own actions have very real consequences.’  

This is a good read for high school boys as well as the girls and parents who would like to understand them better!

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is a book is worth checking out just to look at the creepy photos.  But it’s also definitely worth reading. 

Jacob is really close with his grandfather who dies mysteriously right at the beginning of the book.  His grandfather always told him these weird stories about kids with strange abilities and claimed they were real.  He even showed Jacob old photos of these kids.  Now, after his death, Jacob thinks he’s being hunted by a monster that he’s pretty sure he saw kill his grandfather.  But nobody will believe him.

Because of a mysterious letter, Jacob visits a remote island off the coast of Wales where his grandfather grew up.  It’s a strange  kind of island and the residents all stay away from this one side of the island which happens to be the location of his grandfather’s old boarding school: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. 

Drawn there despite the warnings from the locals, Jacob begins exploring the old, run-down building and discovers that the children that supposedly lived there all of those years ago with his grandfather somehow still do live there. 

And they do have strange abilities. 

And some of them are dangerous.

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Desert Angel (book review)

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Ahh… back-to-school time. Doesn’t it just make you want to commit murder?

What?! What do you mean yes? What’s *wrong* with you?

Look, we can’t help how you feel, but we can try to offer up some suggestions that won’t land you in juvey. How about instead of actually following through with your academically-induced homicidal tendencies, you try this alternative: reading about homicide.

Here’s one good one. In Desert Angel by Charlie Price, we find that one morning, 14-year-old Angel wakes to find that her mother has been… murdered!

Worse yet, Angel knows the killer – her mom’s boyfriend, Scotty.  Scotty is a hunter and tracker and Angel knows he is after her.  Angel takes off, knowing she will not get far without water or a weapon in the California desert, but she finds strangers that are willing to help.  She doesn’t want Scotty to hurt the people helping her, and they cannot call the police because some of them are illegals so

Angel decides she must track down Scotty on her own.  Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

Read this fast paced thriller that depicts a young teen’s life or death struggle and see if she really can track down an expert tracker.

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