Flash Burnout (book review)

Posted: 10/01/2012 by Calvert Library in Books
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Flash Burnout by L.K. MadiganFlash Burnout

Blake’s dad is a medical examiner who absent mindedly leaves autopsy photos and tools on the family’s breakfast table.  His mom is a hospital chaplain fond of saying “Actions have consequences.”  Older brother Garrett enjoys helping with his dad’s work at the morgue and giving ninth grade Blake a brotherly hard time.  Enter Blake – amateur photographer, deeply in love with his girlfriend Shannon, and, deeply involved in the fractured family life of his friend, who is a girl, Marissa. 

 Social expectations clash with friendships and realities. Choices made amidst the swirl of ninth grade friendships, love, sex, school, risk taking and family relationships, lead to conflicts and heartaches.  Ultimately his mother’s words ring true as Blake comes to personally understand that ‘his own actions have very real consequences.’  

This is a good read for high school boys as well as the girls and parents who would like to understand them better!

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