How to Impress Potential Dates This Summer

Posted: 07/18/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Books

Imagine, if you will, your friend’s backyard pool party coming up soon. While everyone is taking a break from the splashing, giggling and snackage, the following conversation takes place:

Your bro, munching on some nachos: “So what’ve you guys been up to this summer?”

Cute girl: “Not much. Summer job. Summer reading. You know… stuff.”

You: “Yeah? Me too. I just read this book Wildwood written by the Decemberists lead singer about a rescue mission through the Oregon wilderness.”

Cute girl: “I love the Decemberists! And did you say Oregon? Have you seen Portlandia? I ❤ that show!”

Your bro: “. . .”

You: “Oh my god yes! Fred Armisen is awesome, but I really love how artistically malleable Carrie Brownstein is.”

Your bro: “. . .”

Cute girl: “Wh..what? Did you just use malleable in a sentence? You’re amazing. I want to be your girlfriend immediately.” 

So that was a true story I just made up, but it proves a very true point: Summer reading will not only improve your life and your vocabulary, but will also impress the heck out of girls and guys alike with your malleabale gray matter. Give it a shot!

To help you choose amongst the many thousands of great books we have, we’ve compiled a list of all the great YA books we’ve read recently, including Wildwood. Check it out and then hit the pool parties!


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