Teen Summer Reading Suggestions [based on what Calvert teens are reading for 2012]

Posted: 07/02/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Books

Happy July, everyone! Summer is officially in full swing, and we just know that you’re spending every moment of it indoors reading, right?


Ok, ok, we get it. There’s plenty of fun activities going on in the summer or you might have a busy summer job, either of which leaves you wondering who has time for summer reading anyway? We feel your pain. We have to come to work everyday in the summer, leaving us librarians asking ourselves that same question.

Still, lucky for you: our job is to collect great books that will make you want to make time to read. We love our crazy summer job! 😀

The brochure images are links to the .pdf of our Summer Reading Suggestions for this year.

How did we put the list together?

Awesome question!

We dove deep into our circulation data for 2012 and pulled out some of our most popular YA titles based on number of times checked out throughout Calvert County.

So what was the big winner on that list? No surprise there: The Hunger Games was by far the most requested and checked-out book of 2012 so far. Close behind that was . . . The Great Gatsby? I guess you guys heard that the movies is coming out this year, huh? Oh, and the teens at the Southern Branch really like horror stories. There’s a section just for that. (You’re welcome, creepy kids.)

Want to know the others? Stop by your local library for a copy of the brochure, or check out the .pdf. We hope it inspires you to find something new based on the stuff we know you already like.


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