Wings (book review)

Posted: 12/13/2012 by Calvert Library in Books
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Wings by Aprilynne Pikewings

…is about tenth grader Laurel, a girl made unusual by her dislike of most colorful foods and beverages, her fair skin that allows sunlight to shine through, and now, to her horror, the bump on her back that soon blooms into a flower with foot-long petals.  She’s sure that her parents don’t have any of these unusual features and spends most of her time hiding them from the world.

Enter Tamini, a really handsome guy that she meets out in the woods.  He starts trying to convince Laurel that she is a faerie and that faeries resemble plants more closely than humans.  He tells her that her parents aren’t her biological parents and that the land that her family owns houses a portal

to the faerie world.  And right now that that portal is being threatened by a band of evil trolls.

Although Laurel is very attracted to Tamini, she knows that believing him means that the world as she’s known it will be turned upside-down and the relationship she’s just started with her crush David will be at risk.  Will she join in the fight for the world of faeries—a world that she belongs
This is the fast-paced start to a four book series. to but has never known?

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