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How to Impress Potential Dates This Summer

Posted: 07/18/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Books

Imagine, if you will, your friend’s backyard pool party coming up soon. While everyone is taking a break from the splashing, giggling and snackage, the following conversation takes place:

Your bro, munching on some nachos: “So what’ve you guys been up to this summer?”

Cute girl: “Not much. Summer job. Summer reading. You know… stuff.”

You: “Yeah? Me too. I just read this book Wildwood written by the Decemberists lead singer about a rescue mission through the Oregon wilderness.”

Cute girl: “I love the Decemberists! And did you say Oregon? Have you seen Portlandia? I ❤ that show!”

Your bro: “. . .”

You: “Oh my god yes! Fred Armisen is awesome, but I really love how artistically malleable Carrie Brownstein is.”

Your bro: “. . .”

Cute girl: “Wh..what? Did you just use malleable in a sentence? You’re amazing. I want to be your girlfriend immediately.” 

So that was a true story I just made up, but it proves a very true point: Summer reading will not only improve your life and your vocabulary, but will also impress the heck out of girls and guys alike with your malleabale gray matter. Give it a shot!

To help you choose amongst the many thousands of great books we have, we’ve compiled a list of all the great YA books we’ve read recently, including Wildwood. Check it out and then hit the pool parties!


It’s July and time for our second (and last) installment of our Teen Summer Book Blitz! Join us for an evening of book discussion, snacks, and getting to know each other. This month our selection is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (you can come even if you didn’t read the book – BUT we give the book away for FREE! Find out how at the end of the post).

When 16-year-old Tessa crosses the ocean to find her missing brother, she has no idea that she will soon become immersed in Victorian London’s supernatural underworld.

Upon arrival in England, Tessa is kidnapped by the Pandemonium Club, a secret organization of vampires, demons, warlocks, and humans who are very interested in her ability to transform into other people. She seeks refuge with the Shadowhunters and together they must fight the Pandemonium Club and their magical army of clockwork demons.

Thursday, July 26
7:00 – 8:30pm
Calvert Library
Prince Frederick

The first ten participants to register for our Book Blitzes receive a free copy of the book. Contact your local Calvert Library branch to sign up, then stop by for your free book. If you don’t register in time to get a copy of the book for free, you can always check it out for free. Find Clockwork Angel in the Calvert Library catalog.

Happy July, everyone! Summer is officially in full swing, and we just know that you’re spending every moment of it indoors reading, right?


Ok, ok, we get it. There’s plenty of fun activities going on in the summer or you might have a busy summer job, either of which leaves you wondering who has time for summer reading anyway? We feel your pain. We have to come to work everyday in the summer, leaving us librarians asking ourselves that same question.

Still, lucky for you: our job is to collect great books that will make you want to make time to read. We love our crazy summer job! 😀

The brochure images are links to the .pdf of our Summer Reading Suggestions for this year.

How did we put the list together?

Awesome question!

We dove deep into our circulation data for 2012 and pulled out some of our most popular YA titles based on number of times checked out throughout Calvert County.

So what was the big winner on that list? No surprise there: The Hunger Games was by far the most requested and checked-out book of 2012 so far. Close behind that was . . . The Great Gatsby? I guess you guys heard that the movies is coming out this year, huh? Oh, and the teens at the Southern Branch really like horror stories. There’s a section just for that. (You’re welcome, creepy kids.)

Want to know the others? Stop by your local library for a copy of the brochure, or check out the .pdf. We hope it inspires you to find something new based on the stuff we know you already like.