4 Reasons Why You Must Attend Locos Tacos on October 17

Posted: 09/12/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Events, TACOS

Locos TacosHola! ¿Cómo va todo? (which means “How’s it going?”, at least according to Google Translate)

What’s going on with us, you ask back? (In English or Spanish, we understand both). Thanks for asking! As it turns out, we’re planning a super great get-to-know-you-while-eating-tacos party here at the library. For teens! Yes, for you!

On the line-up for the evening is:

  1. A taco bar. Seriously. A taco bar. Do you even need to keep reading?
  2. Sugar skull decorating! (Guess you’re glad you kept reading!)
  3. Traditional Mexican music. Like . . . the Macarena? (Ok, maybe not. Or maybe?)
  4. Your chance to meet our awesome TACOS librarian coordinator and a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet!

So who are the TACOS and why do they eat tacos? Well, the TACOS, or Teen Advisory Council of Students, are a great group of high school students from around Calvert County who help us coordinate teen services and events. In other words, they make sure we don’t slack off. 🙂

Want to meet them? And eat tacos? And make a sugar skull and dance the night away? Then join us!

Registration is requested.

Va a ser muy divertido!

Wednesday, October 17
7:00 – 8:30pm
Calvet Library
Prince Frederick


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