The Body Finder (book review)

Posted: 04/27/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Books

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting, is a suspenseful mystery with a sweet romance all in one.  

16-year-old Violet Ambrose is not your average girl. She was born with the unusual and morbid ability to sense the dead bodies of those who have been murdered. She has never considered her ability useful (finding mostly little dead birds that her cat had played with a little too hard).

Meanwhile, Violet begins falling in love with her childhood best friend Jay Heaton, who is now becoming very popular amongst the high school girls.  She wonders if he feels the same way about her, and if he does, will this change their friendship forever?

Now that a serial killer is also loose in her small town, targeting young girls, Violet begins to realize she may be able to use her unusual ability to catch the killer.

Or, could she end up being the killer’s next victim instead?


8 out of 10

Place The Body Finder on hold from the Calvert Library catalog.
If you like this book, follow it up with The Last Echo: A Body Finder Novel.

  1. Olivia says:

    This is a awesome book to read cant wait to read it for summer reading.

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