Skewer My Sweet: Snacks on Sticks at the Library!

Posted: 04/23/2012 by judgeduke1912 in Events

ImageCome sample sticky sweets with us – sticky because they’re on a stick. Get it? Hahahah we’re funny.

Seriously though, snacks on sticks are all the rage. Come sample various sweets on skewers and vote for your favorite.

Try two sweets for $1!

Saturday, May 19
12pm – 1:30pm
Calvert Library Prince Frederick

We’re having a used book sale on the same day, so for only $2 you could take home 2 sticky treats AND a new (to you) book!

Did you know that Spanish has a way of distinguishing between a brand new book and a book that’s just new to you? For example, el nuevo libro means “the newly acquired book” whereas “el libro nuevo” means a newly made book. In English, we have to make due with awkward parenthetical explanations. Yaaaaaaay! (Find out more about Spanish adjective placements)

Okay, focus people. We were talking about our awesome hour and a half sticky confection-o-rama. All ages are welcome. Proceeds benefit the Teen Advisory Council Of Students of Calvert Library.

Stick you there!


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